Arrow's Aim Records was opened by Daniel Halal and No Idea Records on September 6, 2012. No Idea has been selling and distributing vinyl since 1988 and handles the new vinyl at Arrow's Aim.  Daniel, a long-time record dealer, takes care of day-to-day operations and buying, selling, and trading used vinyl at the store.  Arrow's Aim started in a tiny two-story building across the street from the current location, expanding into its current location at 10 N. Main Street on October 15, 2014.  Arrow's Aim now houses over 10,000 used and new vinyl records of every genre, and also carries audio equipment, t-shirts, CDs and cassettes. 


Q: Are you hiring? A: No, never, nope, sorry!

Q: They still make these things??? A: Yes, they do! And we sell the heck out of them too.

Q: How are you still open? A: Kind of condescending, but I will do my best to answer this politely...we work very hard.

Q: Do you only sell punk records? A: No! We don't know how this rumor got started, but jeez it's wrong. We sell EVERYTHING...classical, funk, world, jazz, folk, rock, goth, literally every kind of music we can get our hands on.

Q: Will you buy my grandmas records? A: Please see the link above that says WE BUY RECORDS.

Q: Where can I park? A: We do not have a parking lot, but there is always lots of street parking. Right out front it is free, and on first avenue it is metered. 

Q: Can my band play your store? A: Unless you are Willie Nelson, probably not. 

Q: Can I send you stuff that I want No Idea to get, like my band's demo? A: No, please send it to their warehouse site: noidearecords.com